Canadian Artists Syndicate Inc.



The Canadian Artists Syndicate Inc. is a solely Canadian independent Newspaper Syndicate located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

To ensure timely delivery, all of our features are available for newspapers to receive by email, and many are available to be downloaded from our web site. We offer a wide range of material including horoscope columns, editorial cartoons, a family-oriented comic strip, word puzzles and much more. Among the artists we are currently representing are:

Steve Nease – Editorial Cartoons and Pud, a family strip.

Arthur Black’s Basic Black humour column,

Walter Feener’s Canadian Criss Cross and Word Target

Jim Barnard’s Whizword

Larisa Maira Ozolins – Horoscopes

Len Chapman’s Seize the Day panel

Doug Spencer – Live Well Between Your Ears

At Canadian Artists Syndicate, we are proud of our Canadian talent. Our desire is to build our syndicate from Canadians rather than simply representing American artists. We are always looking for more talented cartoonists and columnists to expand our list. For more information on submitting a feature for consideration, please see Submission Guildlines.



Canadian Artists Syndicate Inc.
5 Ramsgate Lane, Suite 116
Halifax, NS
B3P 2S6 Canada
Telephone: 902-407-3440