Welcome to Canadian Artists Syndicate

Canadian Artists Syndicate Inc. is an independent Canadian Newspaper Syndicate supplying features for daily and weekly newspapers, coast to coast in Canada. We began as Miller Services Limited, a Newspaper Syndicate and Stock photo agency dating back to 1923, run by the Miller Brothers. The company was my stock photo agent until Dick Miller passed away and I bought the company in 1984. The stock photography business was bought by Comstock New York in the late 80’s leaving the company to expand as a newspaper syndicate.

We offer a wide range of material including horoscope columns, editorial cartoons, a family-oriented comic strip, word puzzles and much more. We currently represent some of Australian Auspac Media’s features for Canada.

We are always looking for more talented cartoonists and columnists to expand our list. For more information on submitting a feature for consideration, please see Submission Guildlines.

Richard Vroom