Editorial Cartoons by Steve Nease

Steve Nease

Beaver cartoonist was the year’s Portfoolio favourite 
by Krissie Rutherford Dec 9, 2005

In a collection of Canada’s best editorial cartoons of 2005, The Oakville Beaver’s cartoonist is tops. Steve Nease has 15 cartoons in Portfoolio 21, The Year’s Best Canadian Editorial Cartoons – that’s the most of the 42 artists who cracked this year’s edition. “It’s always an honour to be included in the annual best-of collection,” Nease said. “It’s a fairly competitive field and it’s nice to be recognized with peers that I respect and admire.” The 50-year-old Oakville Beaver art director is no stranger to Portfoolio – he’s had cartoons in every edition since 1989. “I’d had as many as 12 before this year,” he said. “To get 15 is a personal best, so I’m very pleased.” Nease says it’s never difficult to come up with ideas for his cartoons, but it was especially easy in 2005.

NEASE (Keystone Veto) NEASE (Iraq Mission)NEASE (Gen. Harper)  

 NEASE (Maritimes Winter)NEASE (Income Splitting)NEASE (Bed Time Stories)

NEASE (Beer Monopoly) NEASE (Fear) NEASE (Potholes)